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  海达路德发布了一项灵活、无风险改签政策——允许游客改签至 2021 年 7 月 1 日之前的所有 海达路德航程。

  Hurtigruten has introduced a risk free flexible rebooking-policy – allowing guests to change their bookings to any Hurtigruten cruise until 1 July 2021.

  “在当前情况下,海达路德的首要任务是确保您及时获取准确信息,并在您规划航程期间表现 出必要的灵活性以便您放心旅游,”海达路德全球首席执行官 Daniel Skjeldam 说道。

  “In the current situation, it is important for us to ensure our valued guests get timely and accurate information, and the necessary flexibility as they are planning their adventure with us. We want to make sure that you can explore with confidence,” Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam says.

  自疫情爆发以来,甚至是在宣布疫情全球范围内蔓延很久之前,海达路德就采取了一系列广泛 的措施以预防新冠病毒传播,并确保游客和船员的健康和安全。

  Since the start of the outbreak - and long before the global pandemic was declared - Hurtigruten has taken a wide range of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus, and ensure the health and safety of guests and crew.


  To ensure flexibility for guests with Hurtigruten bookings, Hurtigruten has introduced a new flexible, and risk-free, rebooking policy.



  - 所有预订过 2020 年 3 月 12 日至 6 月 30 日期间出发的游客,可以免费改签 2020 年 7 月 1 日至 2021 年 7 月 1 日的任何对应的探险航程或者挪威西海岸航程。

  For all guests booked on departures between 12 March and 30 June 2020, Hurtigruten is offering free rebooking on our Expedition or Norwegian coastal voyages sailing between 1 July 2020 and 1 July 2021.

  - 改签的游客将获得海达路德未来航程优惠券,包括全部票价和改签后票价 10%的优 惠。 Guests changing bookings will receive a Hurtigruten Future Cruise Voucher to the value of 100% of the fare plus a 10% discount on their future cruise including fees.

  - 此改签方案同样适用于 2020 年 4 月 30 日之前的任何海达路德新预订。

  The rebooking offer is also valid for any new Hurtigruten bookings made by 30 April 2020.

  - 海达路德未来航程优惠券适用于 2021 年 7 月 1 日之前出发的任何海达路德航程。

  Hurtigruten Future Cruise vouchers will be valid on all Hurtigruten departures until 1 July 2021.

  - 海达路德未来航程优惠券可与所有其他海达路德优惠方案同时使用。

  The Hurtigruten Future Cruise Voucher is combinable with all other Hurtigruten offers.

  - 请在入住宾馆或登船前至少 48 小时着手改签事宜。

  Changes to bookings need to be made 48 hours prior to your hotel check-in or cruise embarkation.

  通过旅行社预订的游客改签时,直接联系旅行社改签。如果您直接通过海达路德预订, 请联络 海达路德探险专家 1300 322 062。

  Guests that have booked their Hurtigruten voyage through a travel agent should contact their travel agent directly to change their booking. Guests with direct bookings through Hurtigruten are advised to contact one of our Expedition Specialists on 1300 322 062.



  挪威政府于 3 月 12 日(挪威时间)下午 6 点宣布了针对非北欧公民入境挪威的检疫新规。海 达路德游客进入挪威时必须遵循最新规定。就如何阐释和实施最新的旅行限制,海达路德目前 尚不清楚且无法控制。目前的确存在不确定性,有些游客可能会感到困惑。政府出台明确规定 时,海达路德将第一时间告知游客。

  The Norwegian government announced at 6pm on 12 March (Norway time) new quarantine rules for arrivals into Norway from non-Nordic countries. Hurtigruten guests are responsible for their compliance with the new rules and regulations when entering the country. How today’s travel restrictions should be interpreted and how they will be enforced is unclear and outside the control of Hurtigruten. We appreciate the situation is fluid and potentially confusing to some guests. Hurtigruten will offer regular updates once clarity is given by the government.

  截止今日,海达路德业务正常开展。针对即将选择海达路德游轮出行的游客,我们提供上述灵 活的改签方案。

  As of today, Hurtigruten is operating as normal, however we are offering the flexible rebooking options outlined above to all guests travelling with us in the near future.


  These new quarantine regulations may create difficulty for some guests to reach the ships on time and therefore we recommend that guests do consider the flexible rebooking options.

  “海达路德已经积累了 127 年的运营经验。我们在应对灾难时积累了宝贵经验。我们致力于不 断完善运营和操作规范,确保游客和全体员工能够放心旅行,” Daniel Skjeldam 说道。

  “We’ve been operating for more than 125 years and we’ve learned from our past experiences in challenging situations. We are continuously updating our response to make sure our guests, crew and staff can travel with confidence,” Skjeldam says.

  海达路德采取了一系列严格、广泛的措施以确保公司政策始终符合或超过所有行业和法规标准 和要求。

  Hurtigruten’s strict and wide range of coronavirus measures, ensures the company policy at all times meets or exceed all industry and regulatory standards and requirements.

  海达路德的船队都是探险型游轮,载客量小,我们的医疗团队、卫生专员和其他船上和岸上同 事都具有丰富的专业知识。大家爱岗敬业,辛苦劳动,随时关注疫情最新动态。

  This is made possible thanks to the small size of Hurtigruten’s ships, combined with the professionality, dedication and skills from our teams of medical experts, industrial hygienists and other hard-working colleagues on board and on shore that oversees the current situation.

  自疫情爆发以来,海达路德始终遵循相应专家机构给出的建议,这些机构包括世界卫生组织、 疾控中心、挪威公共卫生研究所、国际游轮协会、其他政府机构和海达路德地区的当地卫生部 门。

  Hurtigruten has been following the advice of expert authorities including the World Health Organization (WHO), Center For Disease Control (CDC), Norwegian Institute for Public Health (FHI), CLIA, other government agencies, and local health authorities in the areas we operate, since the outbreak began.

  “客人和海达路德全体同仁的健康和安全始终是我们的首要任务,也是我们的核心价值观。我 们正在与所有相关当局和专家紧密合作,确保您能够享受即将成行的海达路德航程,” Daniel Skjeldam 说道。

  “We care is one of our core values. And make no mistake: The health and safety of you, your fellow explorers and our crew is our number one priority. We are working tirelessly with all relevant authorities and experts to ensure that you can enjoy your upcoming Hurtigruten adventure,” Skjeldam says.

  海达路德游轮官网 www.hurtigruten.com,用于随时更新疫情、登船政策和强制性健康调查表 的信息。欲了解更多信息,请联系海达路德游轮 apac@hurtigruten.com

  Hurtigruten has a dedicated Hurtigruten website www.hurtigruten.com for information about the corona virus, embarkation policies, and mandatory health questionnaires, which is being continuously updated. For more information contact Hurtigruten apac@hurtigruten.com





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